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Knitted envelope bag made of rope
Code: D 02
Necklace with fabric flowers
Code: N 20340
more colors
Earrings with clip of beads and rhinestones
Code: E 40312
more colors
Necklace with flowers of oval stones
Code: N 20351
more colors
Earrings with multicolored rhinestones
Code: E 40310
Earrings with rhinestones
Code: E 40302
more colors
Necklace with mother of pearl and chain
Code: N 20345
Rope knitted handbag and leatherette
Code: D 06
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Earrings with small hand
Code: E 40265
more colors
11.5€   10€
Bracelet chain with suede
Code: B 10368
more colors
16.5€   11.5€
Necklace with knot
Code: N 20196
more colors
10€   8€
Bracelet chain with stras
Code: B 10369
more colors
15.5€   12.4€
Necklaces pearl
Code: N 20125
more colors
11.5€   9.5€
Necklaces pearl
Code: N 20126
more colors
11.5€   9.5€
Links flower lace
Code: E 40233
more colors
11€   9€
Bracelet double with braid
Code: B 10328
more colors
9.5€   7.6€
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